Rides with SchafbergBahn and WolfgangseeSchifffahrt

Rides with SchafbergBahn and WolfgangseeSchifffahrt


The SchafbergBahn is not in service until 11 May 2019.

From 11 May until 29 September 2019 the SchafbergBahn chugs up the Schafberg, making the ride an absolutely unforgettable experience.

From 30 September until 3 November 2019 the SchafbergBahn will only run as far as the Schafbergalm (due to construction work). 

Please see the detailed timetables here.



The WolfgangseeSchifffahrt is not in service until 30 March 2019.

From 30 March until 14 April 2019 the ferries operate on Saturdays and Sundays.

From 18 April until 03 November 2019 the ferries operate daily. 

Please see the detailed timetables here. 



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Gift idea: Fine & Dine on Lake Wolfgangsee

Gift idea: Fine & Dine on Lake Wolfgangsee

Enjoyment ahoy!
Are you looking for a very special gift for your loved-ones? A gift certificate for our Fine & Dine events in 2019 is sure to be a big hit. 

Cast off for an unforgettable cruise with WolfgangseeSchifffahrt. Whether hops, barley or juniper, in combination with crystal-clear water they will be magically transformed into painstakingly brewed beer, smoky whiskey or fine gin. Learn fascinating facts about these specialties as you partake in a gourmet menu atop the gently undulating waves of Wolfgangsee! Also includes a tasting, live music and the unique panorama of the Salzkammergut.

 Dates 2019


7 p.m., from the St. Wolfgang Schafbergbahn boat landing, duration ca. three hours

Reservation required:

T +43/6138/2232-0 or at




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New: the app for the SchafbergBahn & WolfgangseeSchifffahrt

New: the app for the SchafbergBahn & WolfgangseeSchifffahrt

With the Schafberg app, you can optimally plan your visit in advance, and on-site, it is the perfect travel companion. With numerous features, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the SchafbergBahn & WolfgangseeSchifffahrt.


  • Interactive overview map with location function
  • Integrated audio guide in 4 languages (german, english, mandarin and korean) and children’s version (only in german available)
  • Live images with 360° panorama of the summit and the lake
  • Snapshot function for fun selfies
  • Always up-to-date with train & ferry departure times, mountain & valley weather
  • Comprehensive info, FAQs, news, events and much more!

Google Play:


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Webcam Schafberg

Due to a technical problem, our 360° panorama webcam is currently out of service.